Choosing the Right Winter Wear that Keeps you Warm and Makes you Look Sharp

The temperature has dropped. You see snowflakes starting to fall. Your surrounding is turning all white. While it is fascinating to see how nature works, you want to ensure you are ready for the cold months. By this, we mean having the right winter wardrobe pieces and styling ideas.

When dressing for the cold months, consider comfort and warmth.   No matter what you wear, you will not be able to stand up or walk confidently if you are uncomfortable or shivering from the cold. You can stay comfortable and stylish by layering your clothes, wearing major winter accessories, picking winter-appropriate fabrics, wearing the right footwear, and wearing the right coat.

How to Layer your Clothes to Look Sharp and Feel Comfortable

The winter is the perfect time to give your unworn pieces the chance to be noticed. That shirt you rarely wear in summer can now be worn in a lot of ways. Wearing multiple layers makes you look sharp and keeps you warmer than when you just wear thick clothes. When layering, it is important to remember working from thin on the inside to thick on the outside. The kind of pieces to layer will depend on whether you want formal or casual wear.

Which Fabrics to Choose

To keep you warm in winter, you must pick clothes from the right fabrics.

  • Cotton. For base or middle layers, choose cotton clothes. Cotton is absorbent and lets your clothes breathe, reducing sweat.
  • Wool. This fabric is best for the middle or top layers. It is the warmest fabric to wear. Even a thin layer of wool can keep you warmer than a thicker layer of other fabrics.
  • Leather. Leather is perfect as top layers. That is why you should own a leather jacket or a leather overcoat.
  • Denim. You can use denim for middle or top layers and legwear. To achieve a casual look, choose jeans.

Picking the Right Winter Coat

You winter coat is the first thing people see whenever they meet you outside. Thus, you want to ensure you give the right impression. Here are some favorites:

  • Pea coat. This coat has broad shoulders and a slimmed waist emphasizing the male form. Unlike some winter shirts and polo collars, pea coats have a broad collar you can pop without looking awkward.
  • Trench coat. This coat is a must-have once the rain comes pouring down. It can be worn over casual and formal clothes.
  • Overcoat. This keeps you warm while providing you with a professional look. You should wear this if you want your workplace looking respectable.

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