Top Wedding Destinations

With the ease of travel, many countries are now available locations to host the perfect wedding. Whether you fancy tieing the know on a hot, sandy beach, in a fairytale forest, or even on top of a frozen lake, there are many options available and at a reasonable price. As flights become cheaper, more people are choosing to host their celebrations in exotic locations. To help inspire your wedding imagination, here are some of the most wonderful destination ideas.

Tromsø, Norway

Home to some of the most mystical and beautiful landscapes in the world, Norway is becoming a popular destination for adventurous marriage ceremonies. Part of this popularity comes from its many fjords, idyllic Scandinavian lakes that make for a marvellous backdrop to any wedding.

While travelling around may be difficult, there are many romantic solutions. Wedding parties are known to travel across the country riding on one of the traditional trains through the mountains, while others arrive by boat, sailing right onto the fjord itself.

Parma, Italy

While Italy has often be considered for weddings, much of its rural landscapes remain untouched for celebrations. Cities, such as Parma, are home to quaint rolling fields and vineyards, where your only company will be the occasional cyclist or local winemaker. You will never be too far from a historic church that will allow you to get married away from the market crowds.

No matter what catering options you choose, you will be served what many consider to be the best food in the world. Fantastic cheese and wine will be sold on every corner, as well as the famous Parma ham. You will also be close to some of the finest car manufacturers, meaning that you can leave the wedding and drive home in your dream Ferrari.

New York, New York

While the crowded streets of New York may not seem to be the most exotic idea, many people are choosing it as a location for its rooftops instead. High above the streets and below the skyscrapers, people are finding this happy medium is a perfect city location for marriage. Private and, yet, accessible, a rooftop is easily transformed into a cosy ceremony space.

In addition, you will be surrounded by fine wedding boutiques and jewellers, including Tiffany & Co.’s flagship Fifth Avenue store. Tiffany Engagement Rings review among the most well-regarded and desired wedding accessories in the world. If you are looking for a little extra luxury, you will find it here.

Piha, New Zealand

Whether you are looking for golden sand or glorious rainforests, Piha can accommodate. Located by Auckland, the village is surrounded by volcanic rocks and waterfalls, with views of the pristine Waitakere Regional Park in every direction.

If canyons and epic cliffs are not your ideal scenery, then you can choose to lay back and sunbathe by crystal clear waters. Those looking for more of a thrill have plenty of options for surfing. Even those bored of golden sand can enjoy black sand beaches instead! No matter what your preference, you will likely find something in Piha.

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